• Overnight Boarding
  • Long Term Boarding
  • Daycare
  • Daily Adventure Hikes

Menu of Services

  • Daycare:
  • Special rates for small dogs and multiple dogs.
  • Shuttle service for daycare Monday thru Friday
  • Please call or text for information on all our services


  • Overnight Boarding
  • If your dog is picked up before noon there is no charge for that day!


  • Long-Term Boarding available
  • Hours to public 8 am to 5 pm 7 days a week
  • Pick ups and drop offs outside regular hours, there will be an additional charge
  • Must be by appointment only!

Booking, Pick Up and Drop Off Times, Additional info.

!!!Please keep your pet in your vehicle until you have been helped!!! Sometimes a group of dogs may be coming back from a walk who want to greet you, for everyone's safety we ask that your dog remain in the vehicle until we can properly introduce them to the pack in a more controlled environment!

  • All Pick-up and Drop-off is by appointment only, we are often out walking the dogs for long periods of time. Please confirm a time before arriving at the kennel so that you are not stuck waiting.
  • All dogs that come into our facility must have proof of up-to-date vaccinations, this includes the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination. The shots must be up to date for the duration of their stay and have been administered no less than 5 days prior to their stay.
  • Come visit us! We prefer to meet you and your dog before they stay with us. It allows the dog to have a fun first experience before the potential stress of being left in a new place with strange people and dogs. If your dog has visited the kennel before their stay you will often find that when you come to drop them off they will cry with excitement as you pull into the driveway and usually won't even realize you've left (this is often more traumatic for the owners than the dogs).
  • We have a boarding contract that must be completed before leaving your dog(s) in our care for the first time. It highlights what you and your dog can expect during their stay and some additional information for us to get a better idea of how to make your dog most comfortable during their stay. Please allot 5-10 minutes to complete the forms before leaving your dog in our care. Do not forget to bring proof of vaccination!
  • Please bring enough food for your dog's stay. Some people like to bring a blanket or toy that smells like home to help their pet adjust, we just like to remind you that we are a more open concept kennel and not everything makes it home. We do have more than enough kennels/crates, blankets, leashes, jackets, bowls, and beds so we suggest you leave yours at home for their safety. If your dog has allergies and requires special treats please feel free to pack them along with their food, we love to treat up our dogs during walks and before bed!
Our Mission
To provide the most loving and attentive care for your pet while you are away. Making sure to spend quality time with each animal in our facility, creating a fun environment for both dogs and staff.
Our Guarantee
We guarantee plenty of socialization and outdoor exercise that will leave your pet tired, happy and loved.